Kozluk Mah. Elmalık Sok. No:1/1 Terme Samsun

With a 15 years experience and know how in the field of rail fastening sytems and lifitng equipments Beket was founded for providing design services and manufacturing support aiming to contribute to the overall industrial development.

You can relly on Beket on all your difficult projects. Aimimg to provide services all over the world Beket’s objective is full assistance in designing new products for the rail systems and their installation on the job site.

With Beket rail fasteners your rails will be easily installed and more powerfull. With Beket rail clips designed for heavy tasks your crane rails will become stronger and easier to operate. Produced by hot forging methods our rail clips could be …. Welded or With a proper choice you can avoid high costs without compromising your safety. Therefore Beket is aiming to provide best price, best quality, best delivery time with best production methods,

The target accuracy of our believing it rest Rail System, marketing and sales, technical service and maintenance on the services of superior quality with the understanding of development at each stage, with the highest standards implementation, ISO 9001:2008 quality management system comply with the conditions we are committed to.

• Reputable, reliable, needs and problems, providing fast and accurate solution, to be firm in the industry before,
• Products and Services predetermined time and conditions, in accordance with the legal requirements to submit complete,
• Services to provide complete customer satisfaction and to develop a complete,
• Occupational health and safety and environmental conditions in accordance with service to continue,
• Programmed by implementing staff training to ensure the continuous development,
• Customer needs and expectations, by measuring the adequacy of the activities;
• Customer requests and complaints related to providing rapid solutions,
• continuously improve the quality system,
• Stakeholder and to increase employee satisfaction,
• maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction,
• current technology in offering products and services by following the principle of minimum cost with maximum service to offer their services without compromising quality, as quality policy and objectives have adopted.
• demonstrating the necessary importance to the environment, to refrain from activities that could harm.